Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Henriette Moriamé, the British soldiers, and the German Hussars

Henriette Moriamé
Courtesy of Vincent Boez

"Louise's friend and neighbor Henriette Moriamé brought the six wounded British soldiers to her large home while Louise busied herself finding food for them in the deserted village while watching for signs of the impending German invasion. German airplanes flew back and forth over the village while a troop of German cavalry could be seen from a distance on the top of the hill, approaching into the valley village. Finally, at noon, a regiment of Death's Head Hussars -- a particular branch of the German cavalry -- entered the village in triumph..."
"When the Germans saw the British uniforms that the women had washed and spread on the lawn to dry in front of Henriette's home, they demanded entrance..."

Excerpt from "Louise Thuliez: Because I am a Frenchwoman" from Women Heroes of World War I.

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